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Boddess Beauty website review

Okay so the other day while I was scrolling through my Insta, I found this new website called Boddess beauty, and to be honest, at first I found the name a bit weird, so I went ahead and checked out the website and it seemed fine enough to convince me to make a purchase as the offers were quite good. So I made my first order from the website and I ordered 3 things. 

1. Faceshop water fit lip tint, 05 Cherry Kiss

Price – 424/- after discount for 5g product 

How to use: Swipe the applicator on lips and cheeks and blend. 

Rating: 4/5

Detailed Review: 


The tint came in a glass bottle packaging with an applicator but it seems a bit different from the picture shown on the Boddess website.

As you can see in the picture that ‘EX’ IS mentioned on the bottle after Water Fit Tint, whereas if you see the picture on the website, nothing as such is written there. 

Now, I don’t know if the product is original or not but it didn’t seem as per the packaging. 

Product Quality 

  1. The tint has a watery texture which makes it a bit messy as it takes a lot of product on the applicator.
  2. The tint leaves a stain on the hands while blending which does not come off easily. 
  3. The fragrance is like candy. 
  4. The product dries quite fast and leaves a stain on the application where applied. So you will have to blend it right after applying. 

**I use it as a cheek it**

2. Boddess face mask- Embroidered

MRP: 130/- 

Discounted price: 65/- 

Rating- 4.5/5

Detailed Review 

  1. The mask was packed in a transparent plastic wrap and looked clean. 
  2. The quality of the cloth used was very nice and it has 2 layers. It also has an adjustable earloop which makes it easier to wear. 
  3. There’s no bendable metallic upper nose strip in the mask, as mentioned in the description on the website. 
  4. The price is super affordable according to the product quality 

My final thought 

This is a new website and it’s safe to use. But you should also check the authenticity of the website before making a purchase as I couldn’t trust them completely after seeing the Faceshop tint. It has good offers. 

What I liked about this site 

  1. Good discounts & offers 
  2. Wide range of products 
  3. Affordable products 

What I disliked about the site 

  1. Authenticity- I’m still not sure if my product is original or not 
  2. Customer support- I contacted them on facebook and the replies were typically in a day. 

Will I ever repurchase from here?

It’s a new website and we should always support small businesses so yes I would definitely make a purchase again. They should just check the facts before putting them on the website. 

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